Thursday, February 09, 2006

Girlfriends RULE!!

Last night not only did I get to spend a great time at dinner with my friend Liz and her new baby Joseph but I also talked two other wonderful friends that I have known at least 1/2 my life on the phone.

There is very little in this world that is more comforting than talking to the people who know you best and love you just the way you are ... It is very renewing. Just like being with family.

Just catching up with my friends made the week a little lighter!

I have my monthly Oncology visit with Dr. Butler today. I'm not expecting much except a port flush (sound kinky doesn't it? - Sadly it is not) and the usual "I'm looking for sick people - You don't look sick... How is it going Marathon Woman?"

As usual, I have my small list for Dr. Butler. He doesn't mind lists!! Top on the list is recommendations for a new dermatologist who does Mole Mapping and/or specializes in Melanoma.

Later I will be heading to SPIN class - Did I mention that my knee was *NOT* swollen this morning when I woke up? WOOHOO!!Even so, I will be taking it EASY in class. No climbing or jumping - Just SPINNING.

Hope everybody has a great day! Live STRONG!

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Cliff said...

Friends are so important. There is no need to have many. Just a few that understand :)