Saturday, February 25, 2006

Knee Update

My Knee - A Healthy Knee

So the good news is that there are no tears or rips in my knee. The only thing Dr. Bruno could find wrong was a slight case of Chondromalacia AKA "Runner's Knee" which may not be responding to the ice and ibuprofin because of my weekly doses of Interferon.

So I am going to start 3 weeks of Physical Therapy to see if we can strengthen the muscles around the knee, solve some of the "Runner's Knee" and get the swelling to stop happening. After 3 weeks of PT, Dr. Bruno says "We'll see were we are at!"

In terms of activity, he asked me to wait until I saw the Physical Therapist so that she/he could determine how much activity I should be doing. In the mean time as long as I wasn't having pain I could swim or bike - NO RUNNING for now.

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Keryn said...

I have the same problem...although mine is chronic. Definitely do what the physical therapist says. Stretching, ice, ibprofin, and some rest helped. Once the base pain was gone, I found exercise actually helped me more than it hurt. Just my experience with it...